The L.A. Hip Hop Community steps up to support the Occupy movement.

Audio Truther is a happy and honored camper to be part of this historic event. #JoinUs
Sunday Dec. 18th
$10 / 21+
Ambiente 45 S. Garfield Ave. Alhambra, CA 91801
Artists/DJ/Groups/Bands Confirmed to perform or attend:
Quinto Sol, Krazy Race, Rebels to the Grain, Shysti,
Tenochtitlan, Politik, Inner City Soul, Kemo The Blaxican
Destruct, Rhyme Addicts, Stamina, Lyrical Onslaught Music,
The Novalist One, Alkatraz & more.
DJ Lord Ron, DJ Bubski, DJ Ralph M,. DJ Breeze, DJ Indjnous
Special Guests: Kemo The Blaxican & Rakaa Irisscience
+ Occupy LA Speakers

KPFK, Chinky Eyed, Realizm Rekords, Cazm One,
Vendetta Republic, Bare Arms Clothing, Crispy,
West Coast Street Wear, Chicano Nation,
Stolen Garments, W4S, INKTellekt
Sunday Dec. 18th 3pm-12am $10 21 & Over
Location: Ambiente 45 S. Garfield Ave. Alhambra, CA 91801
Tix available now via #PayPal.
Tix will be a minimum $10 donation to get in the show.
If you would like to donate more or less to help raise money
for the benefit then you can send the money via PayPal

50 Cent supports & shouts out the #OccupyWallSt movement

The King has spoken, the Street King that is, 50 Cent stands up and speaks out in support of the Occupy Wall St & Occupy World Wide movements live from his Street King Facebook fan Page.

"Our Politicians are puppets for whoever pays them into office. That’s how fucked our system is. Their broken promises for change cant happen especially when the system is corrupt

And children who need a meal go without because our politicians won’t stop thinking of themselves long enough or how to win the next election, too look around them and see how bad it is.

You aren't helping Mr politician, things are getting worse here in the US, in Europe, Africa everywhere!

Im fuckn angry that Children are dying everyday.

There’s hard working people out there who do give a shit.

Problem is those with the power – government and big business, want this system to keep going. Its suits them

I don’t want to do business with these fuckers anymore. Do you?

if a company isn't giving back, stop buying from them. Buy a pair of shoes from TOMS (who give another pair to someone in need), look for companies that aren't paying lip service to community / charity

we are more powerful than the big business and politicians realize......we have the power to stop buying their products, banking with them.

your dollar, that you worked hard for, does have power.

together we can say – WAKE UP A-HOLES! The game is over.

50 cent

- want to shout out to Occupy Wall Street groups around the world. You are waking up the world, including me. Please keep up the peaceful protest, you are making a difference "

Awesome stuff, who could have said more better. Much respect to 50 Cent for stepping up on this in a major way. 

Sullee J - Inception (Official Music Video)


You can find out more about Sullee J & Amar Azaan at the following:

Artist: Sullee J
Director: Underscore films
Producer: Amar Azaan

MK-ULTRA "Who's The Man" (Official Music Video) #OccupyHipHop

While journalist and onlookers are still  asking what is the Occupy movement all about (Were fighting the Man,duh) , NYC emcee Mk Ultra answers back in form of a question  from the people "Who's the man ?".
Listen and you'll realize who the Man actually is .

Official music video for "Who's The Man" by hip-hop artist MK-ULTRA ft. Tara Mackey. Produced by Anno Domini Beats.

Off the "RED, WHITE, BLACK & BLUE" EP Available on iTunes

Hot New Truther artist Illy Rap - Cold as Ice (Occupy Banger)

Revolutionary music is coming out Faster and more Furious than any ATF weapon deal ever could , this track goes hard as Illy Rap  spits about everything from the New World Order, GMO's, the post 9/11 Anthrax scare, Lil Wayne , Corporate looting by Nike, the Federal Reserve and more.....

Immortal Technique - Toast to the Dead production by J Dilla cuts by DJ Green Lantern

The 1st single from Immortal Techniques forth coming album "The Martyr" Release date October 27, 2011.

more info @

DIVINE RBG "THINGS AIN'T RIGHT" FT. ALOE BLACC (Official Video) #OccupytheHood

Artists Twitters - @DivineofTheDey + @AloeBlacc

Produced by @ClassicTone

#Occupy the Airwaves Album by Rebel Diaz Featuring the single "Troy Davis Lives Forever"

TROY DAVIS LIVES FOREVER, by Rebel Diaz (!/RebelDiaz) and produced by Agent of Change (!/agent_of_change), is a letter to Troy Davis, who was murdered by lethal injection on 21 September 2011, in spite of a massive international campaign for clemency. Sampling Billie Holiday's classic song 'Strange Fruit', the song highlights the parallels between traditional racism - where black people could be lynched by paramilitary mobs like the KKK - and the modern systemic racism where black people can be legally lynched on the orders of appointed officials. 

99 to 1 an Occupy anthem from Marcel Cartier (Free D/L)

Bronx ,NY, MC Marcel Cartier drops an anthem for the #Occupy.

  FREE DOWNLOAD: Marcel Cartier - 99 to 1 (prod Agent of Change) by agentofchange

We are Change speaks with Michael Moore regarding the Federal Reserve Take 2 #OccupytheFed #OccupyWallSt

  Micheal Moore speaks once again with Luke Rudkowski of We are Change, this time clarifying his stance on the Federal Reserve. Good to see people are willing to put differences aside and , begin to open dialogue among the peoples Truth,  Freedom, Occupy movements.

Thievery Corporation - Culture of Fear (feat. Mr. Lif)

Fear has kept Humanity from moving forward for too long. The Occupy movement, if anything is a willingness to let go of Fear and make way for Love so it can begin to guide the destiny for mankind for a change. The official music video for the title track from Thievery Corporation's latest album "Culture of Fear" which was released in June 2011. This video features a guest appearance by rapper Mr. Lif (@therealMrLif), the vocalist for the track. Video by Robin Bell ( For more information about Thievery Corporation, see their official website

This how we livin' "Check to Check" - Apathy prod. by Evidence #99% #OccupyWallSt

First single from the "Honkey Kong" album, produced by Evidence of Dilated Peoples. In stores and iTunes August 23rd! Directed By Anthony DeRose Edited By Anthony Sylvester

Light Warrior - We are Legion (Dub Step Mix) #OccupyWallSt #DubStep #Anonymous


Remember Remember the 11th of September, the thermite, treason and plot. I know no reason why the thermite nor treason should ever be forgot!
01 - Benga - 26 Basslines (feat. Anonymous)
02 - JakeyShake - Nothing To Worry About (Decimator Remix)
03 - Above And Beyond - Can't Sleep (Kill Paris's Dubstep Remix)
04 - Pete Miles -Nothing Seems To Matter
05 - Decree - Synthetic Cocktail (feat. Anonymous)
06 - Muffler - Calling Your Name
07 - Son of Kick - Playing The Villian
08 - Skrillex ft. 12th Planet - Needed Change (Brokenkeyz Remix)
09 - The Prodigy - Out of Space (Bold Equation Bootleg Remix)
10 - Skrillex - All I Ask Of You (GLITCHdick remix)
11 - Thee-O & Von Ukuf - Calle (Boneraper remix)
12 - Traxione - The Chiropractor
13 - Monty - Fantasy

U.S. School District to Begin Microchipping Students

(NaturalNews) A Rhode Island school district has announced a pilot program to monitor student movements by means of radio frequency identification (RFID) chips implanted in their schoolbags.

The Middletown School District, in partnership with MAP Information Technology Corp., has launched a pilot program to implant RFID chips into the schoolbags of 80 children at the Aquidneck School. Each chip would be programmed with a student identification number, and would be read by an external device installed in one of two school buses. The buses would also be fitted with global positioning system (GPS) devices.

Parents or school officials could log onto a school web site to see whether and when specific children had entered or exited which bus, and to look up the bus's current location as provided by the GPS device.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has criticized the plan as an invasion of children's privacy and a potential risk to their safety.

"There's absolutely no need to be tagging children," said Stephen Brown, executive director of the ACLU's Rhode Island chapter. According to Brown, the school district should already know where itsstudentsare.

"[This program is] a solution in search of a problem," Brown said.

The school district says that its current plan is no different than other programs already in place forparentsto monitor their children's school experience. For example, parents can already check on their children's attendance records and what they have for lunch, said district Superintendent Rosemary Kraeger.

Brown disputed this argument. The school is perfectly entitled to track its buses, he said, but "it's a quantitative leap to monitor children themselves." He raised the question of whether unauthorized individuals could use easily available RFID readers to find out students' private information and monitor their movements.

Because the pilot program is being provided to the school district at no cost, it did not require approval from the Rhode Island ethics commission.

Keith Olbermann calls out Corporate Media on Wall St Protest Balck #OccupyWallSt #Unity #Anonymous

After Olbermann and Bunch provided some background on Occupy Wall Street, Olbermann hit on the hypocrisy behind the mainstream media’s lack of coverage of the story, “Why isn’t any major news outlet covering this? 

Do we have the crowd shots by any chance? Where you can see the dimensions? That one, that’s the one. If that’s a tea party protest in front of Wall Street about Ben Bernacke putting stimulus funds into it, it’s the lead story on every network newscast. How is that disconnect possible in this country today with so many different outlets and so many different ways of transmitting news?”
Bunch answered,
It is a real disconnect, and The New York Times I mean this is the hometown newspaper of Wall Street, and there has been no print articles in The New York Times to date with these people camping out down there for four or five days now. It’s crazy. I think three things are going on. I think one. I think the word disconnect that you used is a really good word, because I think a lot of people in newsrooms are still are not in touch with the real pain and the real suffering of 25 million Americans who are unemployed and underemployed and the struggle to make ends meet there, so there’s that.
I think there’s something else and the media critic Jay Rosen from NYU writes about this all the time which is, what he calls savvy, which is that it’s just kind of uncool for journalists to take these people who want to change the world seriously. You know, I’ve seen a lot of coverage like in the New York Observer’s coverage is to basically make fun of these people. Oh these are the guys with the masks we saw a couple of years ago weren’t they, and kind of put it down, and try to get at the bottom of what’s going on here. As far as the tea party, you know Keith, you and I both know newsrooms overreact at conservative harping. They’ve been doing it since Spiro Agnew.
Olbermann and Bunch concluded that there was the tea party got more coverage because their protesters looked more like the fifty somethings that are making decisions in newsrooms, and there was a man bites dog novelty factor to the fact that conservatives were out protesting, while these same organizations write off liberal protests.

The hypocrisy related to the lack of media coverage for this protest is obvious and undeniable. If twenty tea partiers stood in the very same spot and had announced that they were occupying Wall Street, it would have been all over the news. I think there is a great deal of truth in the idea that any protest that is deemed liberal gets classified by the media as non-news. Why this occurs is up for debate, but the message from the corporate run media is clear. It doesn’t matter how many people come out to protest in favor of collective bargaining or against the corruption on Wall St, the mainstream corporate media is not going to cover them.

The media refuses to acknowledge that they exist. In the case of Occupy Wall Street, I think the answer is something that Olbermann and Bunch didn’t mention. Each of the American media giants is owned by a corporation that is traded on Wall Street. Why would any of these outlets want to report on a story that could hurt the price of their stock if the protests got mainstream attention and picked up steam?

The corporate mainstream media is committed to blackout, and it is going to take the work of independent journalists like Olbermann, reporters, and websites to keep the public informed. Tonight we saw the difference between Countdown on Current and Countdown on MSNBC. I suspect that many of Keith’s viewers were already aware of Occupy Wall Street, but Olbermann deserves a tip of the hat for using some of his airtime to both raise awareness of the protest, and shed some light on the right wing hypocrites and suck ups in the supposedly liberal mainstream media.
Tonight Countdown on Current TV lived up to its independent media promise, and shed a bit of light on a protest that everyone should already know about.

sources CurrentTV /

Revolutionary Steez Mix by OvadoSepeace #OccupyWallSt #Revolution #WakeUp #Annon

contains various elements
revolutionary mix-bootleg type thing i just did will post in a few minutes revolutionary steeze based on an older beat i did..:P-it will be free to download 26 minutes long contains simon says-pharoah monch-hostile gospel talib qweil a whole lotta beats by me enhanced malcolm x-black panther aprty speechs etc :Pfuture shock by curtixs mayfield too deconstrcted

  Revolutionary steez by ovadosepeace

more info here

Lawyers supporting Wall St. Protesters #OccupyWallSt #Constitution

Fuck the very Rich (Video)

Palestinian Liberation anthem Krazed Ft. Melissa - Dear Heroes [ Mavi Marmara ]

The song Dear Heroes is a personal reflection of Krazed MC's emotions engraved in the heart of the writer and given as a precious piece of memory shared with his listeners. Whilst Captured in a dark and lonely Israeli prison cell after the ship was hijacked at dawn of 31st May 2010 in international waters. Krazed's mixed emotions influenced the very decision to write this tribute single. The Brutal attack left 9 Turkish activists dead and many more severely injured Including Krazed who was hit by an Israeli commando on his knee with a Taser bat causing a Long-term infected artery. Krazed MC aims through this song to tribute and express his feelings, in an attempt to bring people into the mind-set of a witness. Listen to Dear Heroes and experience the courageous
journey yourself.

Activists who were cold-bloodedly massacred and prior to the attack were proclaimed as terrorists, but not one word can truly describe the morality and sincerity of their actions. It is easy to donate money or give time in the hope of easing your conscience. Although risking and giving your comfortable life, with only God as your witness, whilst facing the elite and highly trained IDF commandos deserves much more than a tribute. However this is our humble attempt to show our appreciation towards the Mavi Marmara Casualties.

Furthermore They Censored Us attempts to combat the monopolized media propaganda of the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces). We further aim to reply to the atrocious and disrespectful song 'We Con The World' by Pro-Zionist supporters. 'We con the world' was an attempt to mock and humiliate the courageous actions of the humanitarian heroes, who risked and gave their life in the pursuit of justice and snapping free the naval illegitimate blockade on Gaza.

Download Link available:

Follow the artists at:

Gamers on verge of curing AIDS ?

Online gamers have achieved a feat beyond the realm of Second Life or Dungeons and Dragons: they have deciphered the structure of an enzyme of an AIDS-like virus that had thwarted scientists for a decade.
The exploit is published on Sunday in the journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, where -- exceptionally in scientific publishing -- both gamers and researchers are honoured as co-authors.
Their target was a monomeric protease enzyme, a cutting agent in the complex molecular tailoring of retroviruses, a family that includes HIV.
Figuring out the structure of proteins is vital for understanding the causes of many diseases and developing drugs to block them.
But a microscope gives only a flat image of what to the outsider looks like a plate of one-dimensional scrunched-up spaghetti. Pharmacologists, though, need a 3-D picture that "unfolds" the molecule and rotates it in order to reveal potential targets for drugs.
This is where Foldit comes in.
Developed in 2008 by the University of Washington, it is a fun-for-purpose video game in which gamers, divided into competing groups, compete to unfold chains of amino acids -- the building blocks of proteins -- using a set of online tools.
To the astonishment of the scientists, the gamers produced an accurate model of the enzyme in just three weeks.
Cracking the enzyme "provides new insights for the design of antiretroviral drugs," says the study, referring to the lifeline medication against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).rovides new insights for the design of antiretroviral drugs," says the study, referring to the lifeline medication against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

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Tupac's Wisdom (Rare Interview Footage)

Rosanne Barr rallies along Wall Street Protesters

Sammy Gallows - Blessed Are The Sick (Album Trailer) 25th Sept!

Viral Music presents: Sammy Gallows - Blessed Are The Sick - FREE DOWNLOAD 25th of september!

Album featuring: Sean Strange, Meth Mouth, Young U, Banish, Qualm (Savage Brothers), Dept Collectors, Livin, Fact & Jayroacher
Beats by: Sicknature, Snowgoons, Vokab, Elmurdo, JNyce, Grimm Logic, Street Scrolls & Sammy Gallows
Cutz by: DJ Trickalome
Mixed and Masterd by:

Wall St. Protesters spark Americas Revolt #revolution #wallstreet


Prision System is the modern day Slave Trade :More Black Men Now in Prison System than Were Enslaved

“More African American men are in prison or jail, on probation or parole than were enslaved in 1850, before the Civil War began,” Michelle Alexander told a standing room only house at the Pasadena Main Library this past Wednesday, the first of many jarring points she made in a riveting presentation. Alexander, currently a law professor at Ohio State, had been brought in to discuss her year-old bestseller, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness More Black Men Now in Prison System than Were Enslaved. Interest ran so high beforehand that the organizers had to move the event to a location that could accommodate the eager attendees. That evening, more than 200 people braved the pouring rain and inevitable traffic jams to crowd into the library’s main room, with dozens more shuffled into an overflow room, and even more latecomers turned away altogether. Alexander and her topic had struck a nerve.

Growing crime rates over the past 30 years don’t explain the skyrocketing numbers of black — and increasingly brown — men caught in America’s prison system, according to Alexander, who clerked for Supreme Court Justice  Harry Blackmun after attending Stanford Law. “In fact, crime rates have fluctuated over the years and are now at historical lows.”

Ozomalti and Tom Morello rock out after Los Angeles Union Rally

Los Angeles native artist's Ozomalti nnd Tom Morello treated LA union workers to an after rally concert.Ozomalti are three time Grammy award winners who have a long history of speaking out against social injustice, using their sonic fusion of funk-salsa-hip hop, the group uses a music  to unite cultures and find deeper meanings of the political issues that we all are struggling with.

Tom Morello formerly of Rage Against the Machine , who was also provided musical inspiration to the  Wisconsin workers during their protest at WI Gov. Walkers office, as a union  member himself,  came out and stressed the important roles unions play  in today's economy and the quality of life they provide for working Americans.

performance Video's after the jump

Union Workers rally in L.A. : But where's the Tea Party at, We need to Unite and take down the Military Industrial Complex and Walmart !!!

Jason Garrison
March 29,2011

An estimated 5,000- 8,000 protesters hit the streets of downtown Los Angeles, the march was an action of solidarity in support of Wisconsin Union workers affected by legislation from Gov. Scott Walker attack on collective bargaining. 

Although within the state of Wisconsin there lies a strong Tea Party presence which in Wisconsin opposed the Union workers and sided with Wisconsin  Gov. Walker on this issue, stating public workers should not be allowed to unionized, with the reasoning of that they are being paid with tax payers money, and they are making to much money and the health benefits are a luxury that tax payers shouldn't be responsible to cover those coasts. At this rally no such Tea Party presence was felt .

Workers rights anthem "Mr. President" -Y-Love & Awkword- (download)

Y-love and Awkword drop  MR. President: The Wisconsin Protest Song, althought we may not excatly agree politically on spefics of the issues , the track is hot and good foood for thought.

Far as the Wisconsin scenario it's a classic case of divide and conquer , pitting two groups against each, the Tea Party and Unions, they should be united and fighting back against the same enemy> The Corporate Fascist politicians within the U.S>. federal and state Governments.

For years now they have sold out American jobs to slave labor Countries, and WE have bought into it, for the short term benefit of saving a few bucks. Now the country has no industrial manufacturing base leaving the working class and middle class at each others throat > If you want to be mad > Be mad @ Walmart , the once all American company now is the highest importer of Chinese made goods, produced by the slave class within China.

Also note that it is well known that Walmart uses Government programs to subsidize it's employee's salaries, through teaching and , recruiting , and encouraging them to receive general relief benefits to make their family ends meet.

Download after the Jump

Fake Four drop benefit EP for J-A-P-A-N

The indie Hip Hop powerhouse known  as Fake Four Inc (Awol One, Sole, Myka Nyne,etc) team up with  Japanese emcee Kaigen to drop a Benefit EP for the people suffering in Japan. 100% proceeds go to Relief International 

"Street Renegade" Video by Krazy Race *2011*

  Straight out of  Whittier, CA, comes Krazy Race with the second video off his latest offering "The Rapture",  the track is a banger for sure,  the video is a haunting feature influenced by Stanley Kubrick's  Clockwork Orange, which if your not familiar was a wild tale of the future were total chaos and anarchy ruled over society the setting for the film was England. With "Street Renegade" the setting is Big Bad East Los Angeles, and instead of the wild English bloke's reeking havoc on the citizenry as in Clockwork , Krazy Race calls on some of his vato apocalypstic homies to bring the ruckus for this cryptic video.

Video after the jump, hit the link soldier

Khaled M. feat Lowkey- "Can't Take Our Freedom"

Introducing Sick Since: Esoteric Lyrical Assainsin

BIO  Sick Since was born in Santa Clara, California with deep musical background whose roots extend into the Harlem-Jazz Renaissance.  His family incorporate those traditional roots. His grandmother, Ruth Daniels, who danced in the world renowned Cotton Club also performed with Duke Ellington. Sick Since's father, Herman Mason, was a bass player who played with Wilson Pickett and Tina Turner to name a few.

In 1996, Sick Since joins the U.S. Army, which led him at his current stay in Germany, and consequently acquired adaptability in foreign environments.  As a natural-freesyler, Sick Since has battled throughout the globe and shared performances with established underground artists, such as Pharcyde, Cappadonna, DAS EFX, Lil Kim and other well-known mainstream rap artists like AZAD.  His constant travels and exposure to different vibes molding him as an artist without guidelines for his career path.

Luca Brazi - Illumaniti + Brianfood MixTape DL

Illuminati Lyrics

But what about the crack turning niggas into zombies in "The Trap".
The proof is in the pudding, why you think jt's called "The Trap"?
That's why I left it early and don't plan on going back, 'cuz I would rather be a broke nigga living tacky then make a living killing niggas just to get a stack.
But some people lack the kind of sympathy that would help them understand the damage being done with this rap shit.
When black kids, and white kids, and latinos start emulating tracks 'cause the rappers are their heroes.
Well then we gotta problem 'cuz the MC knows that he ain't really reckless like he say in every record.
So I'm here, representing that NC State like Raleigh.
You rappers gettin' bodied.
By who?

Video and Download link after the jump kid

Man outaged by Japans New media Black Out of Nuclear Fallout Info -Spread This

 The People have a right to know the Truth - fight back against the Media Blackout !!!!

click the icons below to spread this or , click through to  Youtube and spread the word-

Military’s ‘persona’ software cost millions, used for ‘classified social media activities’

By Stephen C. Webster
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 -- 5:49 pm


Most people use social media like Facebook and Twitter to share photos of friends and family, chat with friends and strangers about random and amusing diversions, or follow their favorite websites, bands and television shows.
But what does the US military use those same networks for? Well, we can't tell you: That's "classified," a CENTCOM spokesman recently informed Raw Story.
One use that's confirmed, however, is the manipulation of social media through the use of fake online "personas" managed by the military. Raw Story recently reported that the US Air Force had solicited private sector vendors for something called "persona management software." Such a technology would allow single individuals to command virtual armies of fake, digital "people" across numerous social media portals.

Continue reading here.

What they want Osama for ? Papose ft Brotha Lynch Hung

Deanland Studios Production

Classified Intelligence preview featuring @VinniePaz

Intelligence is a International Group that consisting of Bosnian born Genocide  on the Mic. French producer Junior Makhno on the production,and UK DJ, Trickalome providing the cuts-n-scratches  .
The Debut Album from the Group drops June 2011 and  is set to feature some of underground Hip Hop heaviest hitters including Vinnie Paz.

You can also catch Junior Makhno on the new ill Bill and Vinnie Paz LP "Heavy Metal Kings" For the Latest info keep it locked to:
Genocide Facebook:
Makhno Facebook:

Krazy Race "Street Renegade" "Video Sneak Peek"

 Here's a preview of the 2nd video from The Rapture from Krazy Race, straight up looks like some crazy modern urban  Clockwork Orange steez, the full video was to be released last week but out of respect for those suffering in Japan, Krazy Race has delayed the release of the full version.

Breaking NEWS Radation cloud over Bakersfield

Hopi elders call for World Prayer for Japan

Stormy Jack - Revolution Music Feat. Alex Jones (Official Video HD)

©2011 Stormy Jack - Revolution Music Featuring Alex Jones.
Please Support
Production Credits
Thanks to
Directed & Edited by Stephen Meza for Pushin Keyz Film

British Students Organizing Mass Protest to Shut Down London

Shut Down London on the 26th March 2011!

Build a mass, integrated youth-led civil rights movement!

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 13:  Student protes...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

On the 26th March the trade unions have called for a massive action in London to save education and stop the cuts. If we can organise masses of students and youth to attend this march with the aim of Shutting Down London, then we can begin a process that could reverse the fee hikes and restore the EMA on a national basis. There are many ways to Shut Down London for a day. A million people on the streets of London on the 26th March would shut it down that day. We can achieve this. The trade unions have already booked trains and coaches to bring people to the march from all over the nation. We can help fill the trains and coaches. But our movement can achieve far more than this if we build it as an independent mass movement determined to win.

We need to bring down the Coalition Government in order to defeat the cuts. Actions led by students in Tunisia and Egypt have taken to new heights the struggles of students and youth that started in France last autumn and spread to Britain, Greece, Italy and other places. If we begin preparing now to make the 26th March the first of many days of action to Shut Down London we can win. But to achieve this task we must learn the lessons from our actions of last November and December, so that we can be better organised, more politically clear, and able to employ tactics that can win. We must use the next couple of months to build a collective leadership that is accountable to the movement and committed to winning the fight. Movement for Justice is the only organisation determined to carry out this perspective. We urge all of those want to win to join us now.

The greatest gain of our movement last November and December is the transformation it caused in us. For the first time we were able to feel powerful and free. The marches, working to shut down London with perfect strangers that had our backs and always supported each other and even getting kettled and fighting, talking, and partying with people from so many different cultures and backgrounds, gave us a glimpse of the society we could create. The student movement we built in response to the Government’s fee hikes, abolition of EMA and savage cuts in education funding has been a wake-up call for a nation stunned by the Coalition’s planned destruction of the central social advances of the twentieth century – free public education for all, a free NHS, and basic security for all through the welfare system. We inspired so much of the country with our boldness.

Over Christmas many of us were told by parents, teachers and other authority figures that what we felt was not real and that what we did was inconsequential. Some of us are desperate to counter the cynicism and pessimism of those who say, “if you fight, you lose, because the rich and powerful will always have power”, and are searching for a real answer to the question of why we failed to stop the fee hikes and the abolition of the EMA.

To Win We Must Escalate Our Fight

The truth is that the Government won the votes in Parliament, not because the Coalition is so strong but because we didn’t exercise our social power enough – because there wasn’t enough social unrest on our streets, in our communities and at our educational institutions. We have the power to shut down London and other major cities, to shut down education and stop ‘business as usual’. That’s what we have to do if we want to save free, public education. But in order to win, we need a leadership that is committed to broadening our struggle and educating and organising our student bodies.

One of the dangers we face in building the 26th March is that we will cede all power and decision-making authority to the trade union leadership, the do-nothing, self-proclaimed community “leaders” and Labour Party officials. We cannot let our new movement become immersed in or subordinated to dead-end manoeuvres with trade union bureaucrats or the current NUS leaders. These leaders are tied to the Labour Party and will tie our new movement to the Labour Party. The Labour Party is not even trying to bring down the government and has never even pledged to restore the EMA or reverse the fee hikes and all the other cuts that the Government is making.

Build an Independent Movement of Students Tied To the Black, Asian, Muslim, Immigrant Communities and the Oppressed

The Coalition Government, despite all of its bravado, knows that what it is trying to pull off is dangerous and could lead to social upheaval. They are constantly testing out how far they can go. There are constant threats of more cuts, but what will actually be proposed in the March budget is still in flux. It is becoming more apparent that if the Government’s policies of massive cuts are enacted the whole society will plummet into a far worse economic crisis, and some of their billionaire backers will take fright and abandon the Coalition. The job of the movement is to organise the boldest, angriest resistance to the cuts that we can. If the Government had paid a bigger price for the fee hikes, and the social stability of the whole society had been thrown into question, a lot of the proposed cuts would already be 


continue reading here

"Something For The Struggle" by Killa B

Higher Level Films and Knowledgeable Ent. Group presents "Something For The Struggle" by Killa B, off the "Righteous Killa" mixtape. Check Out for other videos. Be on the look out for info on our next shoot for the "Get Live" video, coming soon. 

Ivan Ives- Iris Scanners

You got to love Ivan Ives, he's  the Julian Assange of Hip Hop, known to leak his own truth filled tracks on file sharing networks to awaken the masses. Iris Scanners hit's home as everyday were seeing more and more cameras pop up everywhere , the next move for Big Brother is to install Iris Scanners into our lives. Hopefully Ives won't be facing  any extractions like Assange, so he can continue to drop the Truth on the kids...

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This is the 11th single and video for Ivan Ives' 1st of the Month project. "Iris Scanners" is a story about a dark bleak future where you will no longer be required to carry a wallet or identification. There will be scanners installed everywhere that can read your iris and identify you. Your name, address, shopping habits, everything will be available to whoever wants it. Advertisements will be custom-suited to you as you walk by. If you try to exit a store, an extra ad may pop up with a special deal if you stay in the store and buy something. In some cases, you may be refused service or entry if you have a criminal record.

Directed and Edited by Ivan Ives
Visual FX / Typography by The Hamster Alliance
Song Produced by Fresh The Hitman
Written & Performed by Ivan Ives
© 2010 No Threshold Records (ASCAP)

Jerome Villaluz
Li Zhen