Workers rights anthem "Mr. President" -Y-Love & Awkword- (download)

Y-love and Awkword drop  MR. President: The Wisconsin Protest Song, althought we may not excatly agree politically on spefics of the issues , the track is hot and good foood for thought.

Far as the Wisconsin scenario it's a classic case of divide and conquer , pitting two groups against each, the Tea Party and Unions, they should be united and fighting back against the same enemy> The Corporate Fascist politicians within the U.S>. federal and state Governments.

For years now they have sold out American jobs to slave labor Countries, and WE have bought into it, for the short term benefit of saving a few bucks. Now the country has no industrial manufacturing base leaving the working class and middle class at each others throat > If you want to be mad > Be mad @ Walmart , the once all American company now is the highest importer of Chinese made goods, produced by the slave class within China.

Also note that it is well known that Walmart uses Government programs to subsidize it's employee's salaries, through teaching and , recruiting , and encouraging them to receive general relief benefits to make their family ends meet.

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If your tired of digging your own grave >>> Protest and Boycott Walmart
Mr. President (The Wisconsin Song) ft. Y-Love (prod. The White Shadow) by AWKWORD

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