"Street Renegade" Video by Krazy Race *2011*

  Straight out of  Whittier, CA, comes Krazy Race with the second video off his latest offering "The Rapture",  the track is a banger for sure,  the video is a haunting feature influenced by Stanley Kubrick's  Clockwork Orange, which if your not familiar was a wild tale of the future were total chaos and anarchy ruled over society the setting for the film was England. With "Street Renegade" the setting is Big Bad East Los Angeles, and instead of the wild English bloke's reeking havoc on the citizenry as in Clockwork , Krazy Race calls on some of his vato apocalypstic homies to bring the ruckus for this cryptic video.

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Khaled M. feat Lowkey- "Can't Take Our Freedom"

Introducing Sick Since: Esoteric Lyrical Assainsin

BIO  Sick Since was born in Santa Clara, California with deep musical background whose roots extend into the Harlem-Jazz Renaissance.  His family incorporate those traditional roots. His grandmother, Ruth Daniels, who danced in the world renowned Cotton Club also performed with Duke Ellington. Sick Since's father, Herman Mason, was a bass player who played with Wilson Pickett and Tina Turner to name a few.

In 1996, Sick Since joins the U.S. Army, which led him at his current stay in Germany, and consequently acquired adaptability in foreign environments.  As a natural-freesyler, Sick Since has battled throughout the globe and shared performances with established underground artists, such as Pharcyde, Cappadonna, DAS EFX, Lil Kim and other well-known mainstream rap artists like AZAD.  His constant travels and exposure to different vibes molding him as an artist without guidelines for his career path.

Luca Brazi - Illumaniti + Brianfood MixTape DL

Illuminati Lyrics

But what about the crack turning niggas into zombies in "The Trap".
The proof is in the pudding, why you think jt's called "The Trap"?
That's why I left it early and don't plan on going back, 'cuz I would rather be a broke nigga living tacky then make a living killing niggas just to get a stack.
But some people lack the kind of sympathy that would help them understand the damage being done with this rap shit.
When black kids, and white kids, and latinos start emulating tracks 'cause the rappers are their heroes.
Well then we gotta problem 'cuz the MC knows that he ain't really reckless like he say in every record.
So I'm here, representing that NC State like Raleigh.
You rappers gettin' bodied.
By who?

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Man outaged by Japans New media Black Out of Nuclear Fallout Info -Spread This

 The People have a right to know the Truth - fight back against the Media Blackout !!!!

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Military’s ‘persona’ software cost millions, used for ‘classified social media activities’

By Stephen C. Webster
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 -- 5:49 pm


Most people use social media like Facebook and Twitter to share photos of friends and family, chat with friends and strangers about random and amusing diversions, or follow their favorite websites, bands and television shows.
But what does the US military use those same networks for? Well, we can't tell you: That's "classified," a CENTCOM spokesman recently informed Raw Story.
One use that's confirmed, however, is the manipulation of social media through the use of fake online "personas" managed by the military. Raw Story recently reported that the US Air Force had solicited private sector vendors for something called "persona management software." Such a technology would allow single individuals to command virtual armies of fake, digital "people" across numerous social media portals.

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What they want Osama for ? Papose ft Brotha Lynch Hung

Deanland Studios Production

Classified Intelligence preview featuring @VinniePaz

Intelligence is a International Group that consisting of Bosnian born Genocide  on the Mic. French producer Junior Makhno on the production,and UK DJ, Trickalome providing the cuts-n-scratches  .
The Debut Album from the Group drops June 2011 and  is set to feature some of underground Hip Hop heaviest hitters including Vinnie Paz.

You can also catch Junior Makhno on the new ill Bill and Vinnie Paz LP "Heavy Metal Kings" For the Latest info keep it locked to: http://www.GenocideRap.com
Genocide Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589355083
Makhno Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=556048385

Krazy Race "Street Renegade" "Video Sneak Peek"

 Here's a preview of the 2nd video from The Rapture from Krazy Race, straight up looks like some crazy modern urban  Clockwork Orange steez, the full video was to be released last week but out of respect for those suffering in Japan, Krazy Race has delayed the release of the full version.

Breaking NEWS Radation cloud over Bakersfield

Hopi elders call for World Prayer for Japan