Introducing Sick Since: Esoteric Lyrical Assainsin

BIO  Sick Since was born in Santa Clara, California with deep musical background whose roots extend into the Harlem-Jazz Renaissance.  His family incorporate those traditional roots. His grandmother, Ruth Daniels, who danced in the world renowned Cotton Club also performed with Duke Ellington. Sick Since's father, Herman Mason, was a bass player who played with Wilson Pickett and Tina Turner to name a few.

In 1996, Sick Since joins the U.S. Army, which led him at his current stay in Germany, and consequently acquired adaptability in foreign environments.  As a natural-freesyler, Sick Since has battled throughout the globe and shared performances with established underground artists, such as Pharcyde, Cappadonna, DAS EFX, Lil Kim and other well-known mainstream rap artists like AZAD.  His constant travels and exposure to different vibes molding him as an artist without guidelines for his career path.

Sick Since lyricism approach is to showcase subjects undermined by other artists and channel unconventional/controversial topic in his music.   As Sick Since explains, his topic in his songs include: conspiracy, synchronicity, coincidence, the new world order, micro chipping, fighting the powers, "dropping out of society", the "communities" that are forming on the internet. He discusses the future of mankind and society, science of DNA, channelers evidence, matter and energy, magnetic fields, expanding Earth, etheric energy, gravity, parallel reality, time, cycles, astrology, sidereal time, synchronicity, chaos theory, fear climate, global warming, 2012, harmonics, hans Jenni and Cymatics, atlantis in cuba and much, much more.  His music has even been featured on Jordan Maxwell's website.

Sick Since has released four mixtape albums without conventional studio publishing, and available as free downloads.  Music production is mainly credited to Yazztramentals and Zambo Beats. He is also currently collaborating with Presto, Canibus, and Prince Ea on an upcoming project -  Paranoid Chillin'. Additionally, Sick Since is working with Amos The Ancient Prophet to release Codex Magica LP.

Track produced by: Amos - The Ancient Prophet of LCOB Featuring: Sick Since, El A Kwents & Vega X : Main Footage from Architects Of Control, Lightbringers : 

Feelin' this track ? > Sick Since has made this album available for free, hit the link below kid .

The Return Of Nibiru is a mixtape album by Sick Since released independently as a free download in 2008.

Track List
01. Killuminati Ft. El A Kwents & Vega X
02. Gnostic Media
03. The Rapture
04. The Stargate
05. Trust No Man
06. Chemtrails
07. X Is Unknown
08. Sumeria Ft. B.Ill
09. The Enemy Ft. Craig G
10. Keep Moving Ft. Royce Da 5'9
11. Freedom & Pain
12. See The Sky again Ft. Etheric Warrior
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