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Illuminati Lyrics

But what about the crack turning niggas into zombies in "The Trap".
The proof is in the pudding, why you think jt's called "The Trap"?
That's why I left it early and don't plan on going back, 'cuz I would rather be a broke nigga living tacky then make a living killing niggas just to get a stack.
But some people lack the kind of sympathy that would help them understand the damage being done with this rap shit.
When black kids, and white kids, and latinos start emulating tracks 'cause the rappers are their heroes.
Well then we gotta problem 'cuz the MC knows that he ain't really reckless like he say in every record.
So I'm here, representing that NC State like Raleigh.
You rappers gettin' bodied.
By who?

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