Union Workers rally in L.A. : But where's the Tea Party at, We need to Unite and take down the Military Industrial Complex and Walmart !!!

Jason Garrison
March 29,2011

An estimated 5,000- 8,000 protesters hit the streets of downtown Los Angeles, the march was an action of solidarity in support of Wisconsin Union workers affected by legislation from Gov. Scott Walker attack on collective bargaining. 

Although within the state of Wisconsin there lies a strong Tea Party presence which in Wisconsin opposed the Union workers and sided with Wisconsin  Gov. Walker on this issue, stating public workers should not be allowed to unionized, with the reasoning of that they are being paid with tax payers money, and they are making to much money and the health benefits are a luxury that tax payers shouldn't be responsible to cover those coasts. At this rally no such Tea Party presence was felt .

Now both sides have valid arguments, if you put your self in the place of the other, you can see the States in a deficit and the Unions requests are going to add to it, and the force an increase in taxes. That's not good for anyone especially if your like many Tea Party members a small businesses person struggling to stay afloat. Also consider the tea Party acts as a type of union for those that have no Union affiliation, and lobbies as a collective.  Now take the Unions, despite their being a deficit , why would it make any sense for them to give up if any money and or benefits, pension, health coverage, etc. ? Neither group is responsible for States finical crisis, it's the law makers , who have failed,  to plan accordingly , for a number of reasons for sure.

Two arguments can be valid, without taking anything away from each other. both sides just have one side of the story, if you unite them , then the real  picture starts to becomes clear.

The Globalist planners are masters of the divide and conquer tactic. They push Laws that will clearly divide people back into groups , Pro Choice and Immigration issues , tend to be the favorites. Look at Arizona's SB 1070 the stated crack back on illegal immigration bill, that not only over rides the U.S. Constitution 4th amendment but is racially prejudice in nature. SB 1070 clearly divided and pitted people against each other , while their are valid concerns regarding undocumented workers within the U.S., it purpose was to change the that subject and move to a racial issue. Once again they win, that's how they do it, they bring up one issue as a Red Herring and create another set of arguments for us to fight against each other over.

So, back protest in Los Angeles , the is little Tea Party presence within the city, is good to see that was not an issue, both the Labor unions and the Tea Party nationally are going to have to come together, to take back the country. We are serious trouble and none of that can be pinned on one group, the Unitd Sates has been systematically taken apart, from exporting  industry, for over 30 years now the U.S. has running a trade deficit, i.e. were eating/consuming too much and not producing/defecating enough, period. If we did this with our own bodies , we be auto intoxicating  ourselves.

Our own lust for cheap products coupled with the world's most restrictive environmental laws, overly taxing the private business sector, and the funding of these INSANE Wars terror, are just a few of the culprits the wealth of the country.

Chose your friends wisely, and chose your enemies more wisely.The time to fight back is Now, bit not each other, in order to do this WE must equally must chose our  Enemies and the biggest one's I see people, are  the Military Industrial complex , the War profiteers, and the World's biggest retail outlet, Walmart which according to their own fact sheet located on their website employee 1.4million  employees, all are Un-Unionized , get bust Labor Union organizers there's your honey pot. Go get Walmart Unionized thats a major mission and a historical victory to be had there for you.

These two creatures are truly enemies of both small business and tax payers, the War is coasting $700 billion a day, over $21 billion dollars a month, over $250 Billion a year. Over the 10 years we have been at War with Terror thats $2.5 TRILLION, hello, if there were REAL terrorist they must be celebrating their economic destruction of U.S.

And Walmart is sickening exploiting Chinese labor, evading tariffs and taxation through loop holes, they destroy small businesses in every community where ever they open .

Tea Party, Unions, remember the wisdom this republic was built on, United We Stand , Divided We Fall. 

It's our choice...

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