Palestinian Liberation anthem Krazed Ft. Melissa - Dear Heroes [ Mavi Marmara ]

The song Dear Heroes is a personal reflection of Krazed MC's emotions engraved in the heart of the writer and given as a precious piece of memory shared with his listeners. Whilst Captured in a dark and lonely Israeli prison cell after the ship was hijacked at dawn of 31st May 2010 in international waters. Krazed's mixed emotions influenced the very decision to write this tribute single. The Brutal attack left 9 Turkish activists dead and many more severely injured Including Krazed who was hit by an Israeli commando on his knee with a Taser bat causing a Long-term infected artery. Krazed MC aims through this song to tribute and express his feelings, in an attempt to bring people into the mind-set of a witness. Listen to Dear Heroes and experience the courageous
journey yourself.

Activists who were cold-bloodedly massacred and prior to the attack were proclaimed as terrorists, but not one word can truly describe the morality and sincerity of their actions. It is easy to donate money or give time in the hope of easing your conscience. Although risking and giving your comfortable life, with only God as your witness, whilst facing the elite and highly trained IDF commandos deserves much more than a tribute. However this is our humble attempt to show our appreciation towards the Mavi Marmara Casualties.

Furthermore They Censored Us attempts to combat the monopolized media propaganda of the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces). We further aim to reply to the atrocious and disrespectful song 'We Con The World' by Pro-Zionist supporters. 'We con the world' was an attempt to mock and humiliate the courageous actions of the humanitarian heroes, who risked and gave their life in the pursuit of justice and snapping free the naval illegitimate blockade on Gaza.

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