"Share the Shame" music video from Political Truther Punk Band Black Skull Squadron

Kick Ass, Hardcore Punk from the UK's Black Skull Squadron "Share the Shame"..note the Wiki Leaks Collateral Murder footage in the video...

Black Skull Squadron's debut video of their song Share the Shame taken from the E.P. - Observe.Neutralise.Eradicate.

Believe in what you're told
Disbelieve the evidence, our lifes are brought and sold
Sacrificed for oil and Sacrificed for trade
Crucified for progress and the money to made

Disposable humanity
The global hyper powers consumable commodity
Pacified with circuses, pacified with bread
Stupified with media, cerebellumis dead


Take the blame, share the shame
For the attrocties commited in your name
Fin a way, a better day
For the attrocitieds commited in your name

The lies that you're been fed
It's not the only choice between the blue and red
Find another option, find another way
Make noone your victim, make nobody pay
Recognise your position in the pack
Arseholes up ahead, Arseholes at your back

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