Beast 1333 "Beauty of the Beast " Free EP D/L

KRS ONE protege Beast 1333 lives up to his name, dude is a straight "Beast " on the MIC, he shits all over the New World Order on this Free EP"Beauty of the Beast". BEAST 1333  seamlessly mixes his  rhymes about the ; Federal Reserve, Illuminati, Vaccines, with  David Icke inspired  Alien and UFO theories ... 

Track List:
01.  Gods of the Underground (ft. Bark)
02.  We Are The Resistance (
ft. Sick Since)
03.  Holographic Universe (
ft. Militia of Emcees)
04.  Civilian Rebellion (
ft. Conspiracy of Mind)
05.  E=Emcee² (
ft. Presto)
06.  Warpath (
ft. Pokerface & Schoppenaas)
07.  The Quest (
ft. Sick Since)
08.  We Are The Resistance (Zambo Remix 
ft. Sick Since)

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