BP hires Former Fema Director " Master of Disaster "James Lee Witt

James Lee Witt aka Master of Disaster
BP says it has enlisted the help of a former FEMA director to improve its response to the Gulf oil spill. James Lee Witt, director of the disaster response agency in the Clinton administration, has been asked to go to New Orleans to review what the company is doing and how it can do things better.

Witt's consulting firm was hired by Louisiana shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit the state. And after 9/11 his firm  won a consulting contract for $970,000.

So Relax everybody, everything is gonna be OKAY  (insert laughter here). But Seriously he may be the guy for the job only time will tell, unfortunately time is ticking and perhaps hiring  someone outside of the loop would  lead to an honest evaluation of situation , without the possibility of any  prejudice to interfere in fixing the problem.... Only time will tell.......

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