Activist Targeted by the MAN ?

The battle for Free Speech is  in full effect from the White House plotting to limit blogger's freedoms online to the recent arrest of activist"We are Change LA" , activist Bruno Bruhwiler. And now Charlie Veitch of the activist group " Love Police" has been jailed at the G20 summit in Toronto , Canada. Also " We are Change" founder Luke Rudkowski was stopped at the border and denied entrance into the Country. Bruhwiler arrest stemmed from a court appearance where the Judge disliked his involuntary facial gestures. The Judge asked him to be removed from the court, as he was leaving he came into contact with officers, and he was held in custody by officers and then arrested. Now, the charges have been trumped up to " Terrorist Threats and Resisting Arrest".  Are these men being targeted for their political believes, no one can tell for certain , but the timing is quite odd and it's not far fetched to believe that they were.... Who knows maybe we at  Audio Truther are NEXT !!

For info on Bruno's case go to

Also the Love Police are requesting you call to help get Charlie out of Jail ASAP
16-808-5100  Toronto Police
1-888-446-4047  Is the number to the G8-G20 police.

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