Farrakhan Speaks: The Fall of The Dollar (The Debt of America)

Minister Farrakhan repeatedly breaks down the secrets of the corrupt World Governments, and, yet for reasons I cannot understand No One within the Truth and Patriot movements give him credit. what a shame , because if an Alex Jones, Glen Beck  (if you Believe Beck to be legit), Ron Paul, etc, would give him the credit he deserves outside of just a Black or Muslim world, the people could see the Truth is beyond skin color or even Religion. And when their is so much emphasis by the mainstream media that Muslims are Terrorist or do not believe the same principles of Truths  that the Tea Party and  other Patriots movements believe in. I could only imagine Farrakhan coming on the Alex Jones show, that would be so POWERFUL , it would have  the potential to Break Down the walls of  separatism that the current Corrupt system uses to keep the people divided . The World is ready to Unite, Muslims with Christians, and Blacks and Whites , Jews and Palestinians and all people of World are waiting for that moment to Let the TRUTH OUT and we all can be FREE !

We'll be starting to broadcast  original Radio/TV shows online very shortly , who knows maybe that will be our destiny to host that historic Broadcast, but if not, it's coming soon and I'm glad about that.

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