DJ Trickalome and Bosnian MC Genocide drop "Dirty Bombs " to Expose the New World Order and Illumaniti

Many Hip Hop artists in the United States describe growing up in the ghetto as a War Zone. Bosnian born MC, Genocide certainly can relate as his bio explains his first hand experience of an actual military invasion.

"In 1992 as a young child [8] he was trapped in the brutal conflict that
over took Yugoslavia. His home town of Zvornik was one of the first
places to fall under attack and resulted in the murder and ethnic cleansing
of the entire muslim population."

Now relocated to New Zealand, Genocide has been steady on his grind dropping an array mix tapes, albums, and being featured on other artists albums also has had tracks placed on numerous political and socially conscious compilations records.

 As far as  style you hear Genocide's influences are defiantly that Hardcore East Coast sound pioneered by Jedi Mind Tricks  and Non Phixion. While lyrically exposing  the Truth about the New World Order, Global injustice, and the tragedies of War.

Srebrenica (Never Again) video off 2008's the Psy-Op Mix Tape   

                            2009  The Scared Doctrine 

   The "Dirty Bombs" mix tape has just been released for Free Download , includes the banger "Heavy Hitters" featuring Beast1333 and sick cutts and scratches by DJ TRICKALOME 


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